"Bach über Bach" = "Bach on Bach" -

The International Project about the German Composer Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach on Bach came into being in 2011 and it's meanwhile a gigantic cross media project, related to the life, the work and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Books, but in particular websites, a coloring book, a biography for children, music, 20 videos about the Bach cities and Bach locations plus 1,089 music videos are addressing two groups. Of course these are Bach fans, however much more important: it addresses children, young grownups, adults and teachers and it wants to be support, to guide young humans aside of nowadays music to classical music, too. 


What else? How could we end a page about the Johann Sebastian Bach project and mission with no Bach calendar? That is just not possible. By the way: This one and one more Bach calendars are a result from exploring and buying age-old stuff related to Bach.


The Bach bust and the 2020 pipe organ calendar: Two great music gifts for you, for your friends, teachers, the piano teacher, neighbors, and choir buddies. Click to the shop here.





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