The Coloring Book for Grown-Ups: Johann Sebastian Bach for Relaxation


The coloring book for grown-ups: a new trend in both the United Kingdom and the USA. Read here, why a coloring book might be good for your health.


The Coloring Book for Grown Ups. What the Press Published

Grown-ups started to something, which actually is exciting just for children. Better, which was only exciting for children. It's a really strange and uncommon trend - and checked from abroad, like from Germany - this trend started in the United States and the United Kingdom. In Great Britain they do it meanwhile in a big number. It is about the coloring of drawings. And that is not by children. Grown-ups do it. Just for relaxation. CNN reported recently in a large article about this new fashion. Here you get to the complete article. You just can't imagine, that a first work of a meanwhile bestseller author has become a coloring book which excites already 1.5 million grown-ups. It's fact the author, Johanna Basford, sold that many copies of her debut coloring book. The New York Times as well reported about that development. Plus there was an article in the InStyle Magazine. Plus you could read about that phenomenon in the Washington Post.


The Bach Coloring Book. Of course, it is "invented" for children. That this might be great for grown-ups too, took a little time and was obvious not earlier than German media reported about that trend.


A Coloring Book Among the Top 10 Best Sellers?


Coloring Books for grown-ups which make it in the bestselling lists? It's almost not to believe, but the artist who grew up in Scotland conquered the Amazon Top 10 easily. Plus she managed to conquer position 1 with her coloring book 1 for adults. Her coloring book No. 2 made it to position 2. Just 13,000 copies was the first run, but so many grown-ups were excited, that the first low plus as well risky edition was gone in no time. "Secret Garden" is the name of her debut work of art, that was already published in 2013. Today not just any grown-ups buy it, but investment bankers, brokers and CEOs. Meanwhile, her second book  - like mentioned earlier - is released. The Title "Enchanted Forest". Already 250,000 grown-ups bought this book too. Meanwhile, Basford is working on her third and fourth book. Now it's about the theme "ocean".


Sure, in the real coloring book there is no copyright hint. And the little coloring proposal on the left page is not suggesting how to paint for grown-ups. Here you get to the shop in the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You".


The idea publishing a coloring for both children and adults. Why isn't the whole family coloring? Daddy, Mummy, three year old Ava and 10 year old Jake? Of course every work of art gets a little signature of the artist on the right bottom of the drawing, when it's ready. Each of them colors five or six drawings. The family council checks on the best three paintings of each family member. After that 12 best motives can be put together to a real exciting calendar. To create such a calendar you send us the scans or your originals. The result will be the most individual, hand crafted most likable gift for grandma and grandpa, decorates their house or your apartment for one year and is a great decoration for the office or practice of daddy too. 


The coloring book in the Bach project: only with Bach's music you lead very young humans (Children, see me smiling?) even better to classical music. However, that is only true, if you chose not any music, but exactly those pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach's powerful work, which meets the taste of children best. In the picture above you see the Bach House in Eisenach, in which the composer hasn't been born. An with one click you get to the largest German and largest international portal about the composer from Eisenach, Johann Sebastian Bach: "Bach ueber Bach", respectively Bach on Bach".


Johanna Basford and the Coloring Book for Grown-Ups


When Johanna Basford decided, to publish a coloring book for grown-ups, it actually wasn't her goal. Her career began in 2005, when she accomplished her master in textile design. Her target group with that profession: interior designers, which could afford Basford's offer. When 2005 jobs stopped to show up - caused by the fail of the Lehman Brother's Bank - the artist had to think to do something different, to bypass this crisis. And the began drawing. Her specialty: plants and animals. Black and white. Drawings. Actually not designed for grown-ups to color them: flashy or with water color, with oil pastels or with colored pencils.


Regarding the Theme of Coloring Book: the Knesebeck Publishing House + Hot Cakes


In Germany as well - after the United States of America and the United Kingdom - you see the trend  from the sales numbers. In the German Publishing House Knesebeck Basford's titles are published, and they sell like hot cakes. Basford, in the very beginning of the project, believed that her mother probably had to help out with buying many copies, so the project would become no flop. She surely thought children would be interested in buying her book. But she didn't believe ... adults would do such. 


Even with coloring your creativity will meet no limit. That starts with your choice to take colored pencils or wax crayons, brush or markers. By the way: you can even download the Bach Coloring Book and that is why countless trials are possible. Just print it yourself. 


The ready result later in a format of a poster at the wall of your office or: everything starts with the coloring book. In the picture above Johann Sebastian Bach is standing right in front of "Church of Our Lady" in Dresden, Germany, the Frauenkirche. Here he won a music contest with the Frenchman Marchand, and that was a real exciting way. 


What develops from the coloring book? Well, if your "small" is dad and mom plus four children, may be a calendar with two pictures of every family member. For the grandparents it's the "gift of the century", in your own chancellery or your office or your practice it's a real eye-catcher.


Sure, that is what we could do for you too. We make a puzzle out of your prettiest picture. Or you are very creative and order four puzzles from four pictures and mix all these puzzle parts. This way it's a little more challenging. However: how else can you create 4 pictures out of 4 by 100 pieces? Or 6 motives from 6 by 500 pieces. Plus that is how you can perfectly play against each other. Here is where you can buy such a puzzle - of course it's already colored: at "Bach 4 You". It's amazing, what you can do with a coloring book!


Can a Financial Crisis Deliver Something Good? A Coloring Book For Adults!

After that is to say during the financial crisis Johanna Basford firstly offered graphic services. Packaging and sales projects were her business everyday life but after all these were impressing companies that she worked for like Nike or Starbucks. Colleagues and customers - it goes without saying all adults - had their fun coloring Basford's works actually not created for such a thing. Actually she caught some out when they were coloring her drawings on the Q.T. With the coloring pencils of their children. Finally, the Laurence Hill Publishing House asked her, whether she didn't want to create a coloring book. For adults. Already with the first sketches she convinced the management and they made a contract. 


A biography about Bach for children, it's not the coloring book related to the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. This biography is perfect component number 2, to get children in a pedagogical way to the theme of classical music. Not earlier but a long time after the text for the book was ready, it turned out, that it had been written for children, but it's perfect for grown-ups too. Johann Sebastian Bach: for kids it's exciting, for grown-ups it's light fare related to the theme of Bach, a smile about the parts with the little baroque Veit and Balthazar cherubs is included.


The Coloring Book in the Bach Project

Relaxation: Crayon in a coloring book. You can not picture yourself doing such a thing? 1.5 million grown-ups in the United States and in the United Kingdom do it. That is to say 1.5 million grown-ups bought the book of Johanna Basford. 

You are right, crayon a coloring book is possible with your fingers too. If that is a suggestion of one of your kids, than he is either a prankster, or he is a really developing artist. Or she is a developing artist. Probably it depends, what the result is looking like. Why don't you just try it out?

 The Johann Sebastian Bach Projekt:  Coloring Book - Biography - Games - Music

 Johann Sebastian Bach's trip to Lübeck in the coloring book about the composer. Sure, the coloring book is available without the copyright symbol, even if it's a real beauty.


 Did you know, that Dornheim close to Arnstadt is a tiny village, in which the composer once married? Coming with the coloring book you now know it. Plus your children will.


Leipzig, the Bach city of all Bach cities. Meet Johann Sebastian Bach. As a side effect so to speak. You will relax with the coloring book, crayon it is fun and with your family you have a common time and a common goal.


 Relaxing and Pedagogical: Spend the Time with Crayoning. Just you or with Your Kids. The Bach Coloring Book for Everybody


Actually: why not? The coloring book for the whole family. Just for pastime. Just try it out, what it's like: if dad and little Terri crayon at the same time. However, how could that work with only one coloring book? It's that simple: just buy the coloring book as a download.


Calendar + Picture Gallery: The Bach Coloring Book for Children + Grown-Ups

 The Bach coloring book: here it's again. Your way to the shop again, as an option.


Crayon the Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book: a Young, Innovative Way to Relax


You have read until here and you might be able to imagine the following: That is to say, that the coloring of a coloring book can be very relaxing. However, you would love to learn more about the theme of coloring books? When it was invented, and who did it and why it's relaxing. A little more details health wise. Why don't you click here. That is what we offer you on this website about the Bach coloring book. You just don't have to google, because we found something for you.  


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What a music gift, either the Bach beer stein on the left and the 2020 pipe organ calendar on the right. The beer stein is a rare to find historic jewel. Only a few are still around. The composer calendar is what you can order next year, 2030, 2040 or 2050. And there are more pipe organ calendars in the shop "Bach 4 You".





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