No, no:  It's a Coloring Book - It's Almost no Bach Short Biography 

This is Andrea and she is excited, that you are here now. As you are here, because you are interested to learn, what a website promises a biography, but inside the coloring book there is biography about Johann Sebastian Bach, not even a real short biography.


Now, What's It About?


So, I - that is not only the author of this website, but a writer, which created the biography for children about Bach too und who invented the coloring book as well - I really wish that you find me on the worldwide internet. And honestly, who is searching for a "coloring book about "Johann Sebastian Bach" with the keywords "Coloring Book" and "Johann Sebastian Bach"?


Nobody does. At least almost nobody does.


Some are looking for a coloring book and put "coloring book" into the search box at Google. Others look for a book about Johann Sebastian Bach and put in "book" or "biography" or "short biography" plus "Johann Sebastian Bach". However, nobody probably tries it with "Bach" or "Johann Sebastian Bach" and, well ... - "coloring book".


Because that is what happens, almost no one would find this coloring book about the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. Not in Germany, not in the United States, actually ... - nowhere in the world.


It's different, if I shout " ... here ! " every time, when somebody looks for a biography or a short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. So, to make sure my website is listed too, when somebody looks for just anything related to children about Johann Sebastian Bach, that is why I do it like I do it. 

Andrea is capable of showing very different posings. The three cutest are displayed here on that page for the coloring book and the short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. Oops, I did it again.

And Yes ... - You Will Find Everything Here: Coloring Book, the Shortest Short Biography on Bach and a Real Biography for Children


Well, in the coloring book for the really real, real young future Bach fans there is the shortest Bach biography or better, the shortest Bach short biography on earth for children. That is because this short biography is not longer than 40 short sentences with less than 500 words. You may read that to your kid in just one minute. Done.


However, the path here leads you not just to one real short biography, but to five real short biographies for older kids and grownups. Or from here you get conveniently to a presentation of a real extended biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children, which I created too. Now, if you like to decide, where you want to click to, please chose from the following:  

Andrea wishes: enjoy.

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These gifts for musicians (... the Bach bust and the 2020 pipe organ calendar) are no gifts for kiddies but for grownup music lovers. You want to click to the shop. Okay, it's possible here.





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