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Hallo, I am Renate Bach.


My husband Peter Bach jr. had the idea to publish this little tiny Bach miniature short biography plus coloring book. Or vice versa.


Plus he is reliable for the less than 500 words, which he put together for you to a short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach.


However, although he is actually responsable for the whole content, I put my picture here. Even better, I am actually not really responsable* for the content of this website. It's all his fault. LOL.


* Of course I am as the publisher responsable for the mistakes, too.


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Sure, this is a music calendars for children, that are a little older. However there are music calendars for the littlest, there are music calendars for children between 6 and 10 and there are music calendars for teens and young adults. Just music calendars and more music calendars. 


The music gift Bach coloring book and the music gift 2020 pipe organ calendar. Your way to the shop starts with the link ... here.





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