Bach Music Complete Edition: 142 CDs + Bach Work Music Sheets:  16,800 Pages + 2nd Gift 


You are interested in this? Plus have read about the 1,188 music works elsewhere. However, not, that there's a complete edition with all music works of Bach, the so called Gesamtwerk, which is the Complete Edition in English? Plus, you didn't know that you get all the 16,800 music sheets of Bach's work here and there on the internet, however it's rare to find? Please go on reading. Here you get to the shop for a first time. There you will find the exciting offer below the 99 music calendars.

Actually, that is it: The Gesamtausgabe, in English it's the complete edition. In German there are two names, which are perfect for both, music and music sheets. However, the Bach science decided to call the music "Gesamtwerk" and the music sheets "Gesamtausgabe", which in German is the same - again - so there is only one word in English. And that produces a lot of confusion, as if you check on the internet using the keyword "Gesamtausgabe" you won't find all offers regarding the Gesamtwerk, that is to say ... ah, let's just call it confusing.


If you have read or discovered more about Bach in the "Bach on Bach" project or on the pages of the "Bach 4 You" publishing house, you well know meanwhile: Nothing is easy in the matter of Bach - that is why this mission exists after all. As late as three years after all started, we found out: Bach Gesamtwerk and Bach Gesamtausgabe is not the same thing. It's two different animals. Plus of course there are several versions of the Bach Gesamtwerk and the Bach Gesamtausgabe: Just to keep it not too simple for you. 


Why are the Bachs doing such a thing? It is the mission, which we have. With the project and with the publishing house. Not only to conserve historic things ... that is what libraries already do, the Bach archive in Leipzig and more institutions ... we want to make exciting things findable. 


Why are the Bachs Doing Such a Thing?


Nope, that's not "easy going"! 


Peter Bach Jr. is taking photos for 40 years, for 35 years he is doing it for a living. However, like Johann Sebastian Bach is the greatest in the art of composing for many, the 18th of August 2015 - a Tuesday would become the personal Mt. Everest for a fan of the court composer with the same name: 9 hours of taking photos, 9 hours in a bent over, uncommon position, 9 hours of turning pages and "making one photo after the next photo": all 5 seconds one. On average ... and again you get here to the shop and there you can get more information about the 10 gift options, among which you can decide for one, if you buy the complete edition of Bachs music.

Aha, the publishing house wants to sell the complete edition of Bach's music? Correct. 


What a Bach calendar for Bach lovers: It is a combination of modern elements and age old stuff around the composer of Thuringia. The monthly pages a re a must see. Are you now curious?


Two nice music gifts: The Bach beer stein from 1985 and the 2020 pipe organ calendar. There are two historic Bach beer steins and dozens of modern Bach beer steins. Plus, there are 4 organ calendars in 2019 and one more adds every year. They come in three sizes and there are 98 more music calendars. Click to the shop here.





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