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Bach Gifts, Nothing But Bach Gifts is what we wanted to call this page first, however "BAch Gifts and More Bach Gifts" is what we liked better later. Staring with this sentence you are convinced. These two Bachs really have their own style. And because it's the way we are, you get pictures on this page "only". If you like one of the Bach gifts or you want to order a Bach gift or you would like to learn more about one of the Bach gifts, please click to the shop pages and find out more there.


On this page we start with all Bach calendars - of course Bach gifts, too - as you don't find 32 of them elshwere in the Universe: not on Google, not on amazon, not on the internet and not in bok stores. If you are a Bach fan or you know somebody is a Bach fan, this calendars might be the perfect gifts. Below the calendars please find more suggestions related to the subject of Bach. Here you get to the shop with just a click on the button.

Bach-Geschenke über Bach-Geschenke sind einfach auch Bach-Kalender über Bach-Kalender. hier kommen Sie zum Shop und dort gibt's jeweils 12 Monatsblätter zu entdecken.

Und? Zum Shop in Sachen Bach?

One exception is permitted, which is not related to Bach at all. The only connection bwetween this calendar and the subject of Bach might be the music displayed on the hearts on 13 monthly pages. Would you like to discover, what is so speccial with this 2 Morterher's Day calendars. Than hop to the shop and find it out.







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