Johann Sebastian Bach: A Real Biography for Children


It's not just 50 pages. This book is proud 176 pages thick. The exciting episodes in the life of the composer are biographically correct. However, the content is chosen not for the reason, that Bach's work is in the center, but entertainment is the most important ingredient.


Like in the whole "Bach on Bach" project it's first about, not to frustrate starters in that theme. It is about to offer fun learning more about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach.


For this real Biography about Bach for children there is a special website with a short video plus two chapters to read and an audio sample! Please click here.

The biography about Bach for children is so cool, that we handcrafted its own website for it. And there you get a lot of information. The most exciting hint however: Just listen to the audio version of the book. You get it with no music, with little music and with really much music. So, who do you think "invented the music". Come on, you know it. But there is a catch: It's in German so far only.

Really is that possible? A children's calendar is coming with a children's book? So, actually it's not only a children's calendar, but a children's calendar with the subject of music. The monthly pages of this cute music calendar for children is what you can discover in the shop: click on this link,. Then select children's calendars, next click on this very calendar and scroll down the page. There you are. 


Two music gifts: the modern Bach beer stein and the 2020 pipe organ wall calendar. The Bach beer stein comes in many options, even in two historical versions. Th organ calendar is what you can buy this year, next year and the years to come. Check on the monthly pages and on the other Bach beer steins? Click here.






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