The Coloring Book in Ukrainian


Here will be a coloring book in Ukrainian language at the end of 2016. However, that doesn't mean we ar enot ready to produce a coloring book in your mother language. Just send us a mail.


That is what your Bach coloring book would look like in Ukrainian ... 


... plus alternatively, in Russian. 


Do you want to get to the shop, now? There you will easily find the coloring book. 

Music Calendars, Music calnedras, music calendars: The motto at "Bach 4 You". The calendar above is what kids could color, too. Howver it's not available oin your mother language. Are you in the mood now, to explore all 33 chilodren's calendars in the subject of music, the 33 Bach calendars and the 33 composers calendars? If so, click to the shop here. 

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