Original Text for Your Translation


And that is how it works: Please copy the following sentences in a word file. Translate them sentence by sentence. Please send us that file via mail.


We "handcraft" a new version and you can check on it a few days later plus download it or you order it as a coloring book. We order as many copies as you want.


As there is no foreign version existing currently, please let us know if you are interested. You get to the shop with a click here.


One of the cute music calendars for children, one of the 33 funny children's calendars in the matter of music. 


The Bach Beer stein from 1985 and the 2020 pipe organ calendar. Both items are not for children, but for parents, teachers, music lovers, classical music lovers or the best gift of all, when you visit a pipe organ fan. You get to the shop with a click here.





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