1000+ Languages and Accents: The Johann Sebastian Bach Coloring Book + the Miniature Short Biography about the Composer


The miniature short biography and the coloring book about Johann Sebastian Bach for children in more than 1,000 languages and accents? You don't believe such a thing? Why don't you read more?

Actually, is that possible at all? How does such a thing work? Say you are a Chinese mom, or a Spanish daddy of two children and your English is perfect. However, Xi and Manolito don't speak English yet, their mother language is French, Spanish, Hindi or Hebrew ( ... so that is to say not Xi and Manolito). If that is the case, you just order this coloring book and miniature biography for children in French, Spanish, Hindi or Hebrew. You just order this little 52 pages booklet and we ship it to you in France, Spain, India or Israel.


However, 1,000 languages and accents? How could such a thing work? With the same price. Our goal is to spread the life, the works and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to folks and children all over the world. The mentioned miniature biography that comes with the coloring book is less than 500 words, so it's no big deal to have it translated in any language all over the world. But now comes the catch:


For all those, who want to have this little coloring book and miniature biography in any imaginable language or accent in the world, we suggest a common adventure. For this purpose we have a translation source on this website at hand. You do speak German or English. If not, you couldn't read here. So, you already have these less than 500 words ( ... here they are, the less than 500 words). You "invest" half an hour of time and translate "the book". You send us the translation, we copy and paste it, then we upload your coloring book. Onto the cloud. You download it and print it. As often as you like it. It's that simple. Here is an example.


The delivery time how ever might take 1 or 2 days longer and keep in mind. It is not a printed book on paper, it's a downlad of pdf files and you print it out as often as you want or as often as your child messes the drawings up. However, you could get it as a real paper booklet. But ordering a one copy quantity is in fact way more expensive than one. The price actually doubles. If you order 5, we would suggest the same price as you pay for a German/English copy. Is that a proposal? Isn't that a deal? 

Is there a funnier way to approach the work and life of Johann Sebastian Bach, than with such a coloring book plus a really short short biography? 


The Funny Edition: 1 Printed Coloring Book


Of course there is the option, to get an edition - so to speak - of just one printed book. German law supports the distribution of books and press material, so it's a so called "book transport" as a possible option to ship it to you. And that is € 6 to any country on the planet. One volume of the coloring book in your language costs € 20. So, a combination of a coloring book plus shipping and handling to your home is a fun of € 26,00. Whether it's in Hindi, Arabic, Korean or Norwegian language. 


Are You Looking for a Real Biography About Bach for Children? We have that, too!


Yes," in this book there is "a little more" text and actually you can not color it. It's a total of 172 pages, many great illustrations and this book has already it's won website. One disadvantage today: There is no English version ready so far. However, why don't you try it in German, and we mean it serious. Learn more in the shop.


1 Foreign Language Coloring Book Is € 5,99


Actually it's not even € 5,99, if you share the price with a neighbor or with your best friends, or even better, with a whole kindergarten. With all parents in a kindergarten it's just a fraction of a few cents. Yes, sure, you have to print it on your won, and you need paper and ink, however, it's just black ink. 


There Are a Few Languages Existing


Why don't you try it via the navigation on the right side, whether there is a coloring book existing in your language already? That is to say, whether the short miniature biography is already existing in the translated version. If this is the case, you already save the money to prepare this version in your selected language version. So, if the coloring book is already existing in your language, click on the button and you get a feeling what such a coloring book looks like in your language. If there is not yet a version in your language, a common adventure might start. However, it's not expensive. The translation costs you ... nothing. How is that possible? It would be your job, to translate these few sentences. Click here to check on the whole combined text to translate. 


That would become a family adventure. You translate into the language of your choice, your kids color the work and after that it's a gift for grandma and grandpa, who could have these pictures framed and hang them on the wall ... at least one or two of them. 


What If a Translation Has Mistakes?

It's that simple: You correct them and it's a new version then, which is a different process. Instead of a language version copy for 6,99 plus it would cost you € 20. Plus postage. Fair? I really guess so. 


That's gonna be a coloring fun.


Callenge or no Challenge?

An estimated 100 languages is what we consider to be no challenge for us. Let's estimate, you are excited by one language version. And, you order. You pay and than you are a little patient for a short while, if that version is not already  existing in our "warehouse". We order exactly one copy ( ... or more if you want) and a few days later your "edition" is ready to be shipped. Important: with a prize of € 5,99 this download is as expensive as the download in English or German language. Printed on paper everything is a little more expensive and needs a little more time to ship.


The translation will cost you nothing. To layout the first copy plus the printing of a each copy however is not that cheap. The first copy has a price tag of € 20,00 plus a fee of € 10,00 for preparation. Plus there is the handling and shipping fee.



Each additional copy is much  cheaper, which is a flat rate of € 6,00 per copy up to 25 coloring books, € 5,00 up to 50 books and € 4,00 upo to 100 books - per copy.


Swabian, Bavarian and New York Accent


Absolutely serious, it works the same way. And it's not only possible to produce it in such common accents like Bavarian or Saxonian. You can order this little coloring book with the little miniature biography even in every Himalaya accent or in Switzer German or in every Chinese accent.


How that is working? Again with a little cooperation. Plus, it's not even more expensiv. And it's fun. We first would like to check with you, whether such would work at all. So, how does it work? So, you get 24 small text fractions from us. In English oder German language., which you translate. To ensure, we don't get it wrong, every little paragraph has a number and works only, if you send us your translation as a word file. After that we puzzle the result to the matching pieces. We don't even know what we are doing, as we adjust everything by the numbers. After that the download is ready or alternatively we order your coloring book. Or two. Or three. 

What are bathtubs for?! 


Something to color, too. It's a music calendar for children, or if you like that better it's a children's calendar related to the subject of music. However, there are 32 more music calendars for children. Of course most of them are not to color. Would you like to discover those calendars in the shop? 


Two music gifts: the Bach coloring book on the left, the 2020 pipe organ wall calendar on the right. The Bach coloring book is perfect for little Bach lovers, the pipe organ calendar is cool for organ lovers.





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